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February 2014 | Strategic Assessment

Dilemmas in the Use of Autonomous Weapons

As the use of weapons with autonomous capabilities expands, doubts as to their moral and legal legitimacy will likely multiply. This article reviews the operational aspects of military uses of autonomous capabilities and the main positions in the ethical and legal debate on this subject.
The article was co-authored with Gabi Siboni.

May 2013 | Military and Strategic Affairs

Legal Transparency as a National Security Strategy

9.5.2012 | Spiked

It’s time to bury Peace Studies

Johan Galtung may have been hailed as the ‘father of conflict resolution’, but the professor’s recent conspiratorial and anti-Semitic remarks, exposed by the Norwegian Humanist magazine, have shown that Galtung is no peacenik. With a bit of luck, this scandal will not only bury Galtung’s reputation but will also put his cherished baby, Peace Studies, to bed.

5.3.2012 | +972

To liberate Syria, the West must curb its savior fantasy

While it is increasingly evident something must be done to stop the violence in Syria, the history of intervention in internal conflicts has shown there are no quick fixes. Western powers must realize that in order to liberate Syria all they can do is help the Syrians help themselves.

6.9.2011 | Spiked

Shooting down the ‘good life’ myth in Israel

Is it possible to promote a better understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by not saying anything about it? This summer’s social protests in Israel – which culminated in the ‘half million march’ last Saturday – proved that it is. The protesters, who have focused on social inequality rather than the Middle East conflict, have ended up dispelling the popular myth that the peace process is stuck because the Israeli middle class is simply too busy living the good life.
(Published also in Danish by ATLAS magazine)

5.3.2010 | Haaretz

Are boycotts and sanctions of Israel really effective?

History proves that international sanctions often achieve the precise opposite of what they intend.
(Published also in Danish by ATLAS magazine)